Why does your Start-up need a sustainability report?

The benefits of sustainability reports include:

  • Better reputation
    A 2011 survey on corporate reputation found that expanding transparency and reporting positive deeds were the two most important ways to build public trust in business. The 2013 Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and EY survey revealed that more than 50% of respondents issuing sustainability reports reported that those reports helped improve firm reputation.
  • Meeting the expectations of employees
    A 2011 survey conducted by EY and GreenBiz found that employees were a vital audience for sustainability reporting, with 18% of reporters citing employees as a report’s primary audience. More than 30% of reporters in the 2013 Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and EY survey saw increased employee loyalty as a result of issuing a report.
  • Improved access to capital
    Recent research found that reporting firms ranked highly for sustainability have Kaplan-Zingales Index scores that are 0.6 lower than the scores for low-sustainability companies. A lower score signifies fewer capital constraints.
  • Increased efficiency and waste reduction
    In a 2012 global survey of sustainability reporters, 88% indicated that reporting helped make their organizations’ decision-making processes more efficient.

We will work closely with you team to identify to best medium for the sustainability report, the ideal layout that will reach and connect with your user base and investors. A sustainability report does not have to be a pdf document, it can be a video and more. There no limit to innovation.