Natural light is one of the most important elements in architecture, helping to transform spaces and save energy. We use a unique parametric processes allowing designers to alter their design with multiple iterations to test for daylight associated with each iteration.​Pattern r+d uses a rapid feedback methodology to give designers feedback regarding energy, daylight, glare, comfort and more when it would make the most difference.

Typical Services

Early Stage Daylight Modeling\ Design Phase – Pre design, Concept Design, Schematic Design


This study shows a hospital project where various window sizes and placements were studied to understand the impact of daylighting. In this hospital, lighting contributed to 30% of the energy demand, hence, better natural lighting would not only lead to a great environment for the patients but a lower energy use as well. This study was carried out in early stages of design to run multiple elevation iterations to help inform the design team.

This study took 12 hours to complete

Detailed Daylight Modeling \ Design Phase – Schematic Design, Design development, Construction documentation
engineer This process involves tesiting for a specific type of glass and or frit pattern to see it’s effect on the interior daylight. 
This study took 10  hours to complete
LEED Compliance IEQ 8.1 \ Design Phase – Design development, Construction documentation
Picture4 Picture5This Lab bulding project required preparation of a full LEED compliance model for USGBC submission for IEQ 8.1, based on approved shop drawings and all required documentation. The task involved coordinating all design info and checklists. Preparation of LEED Daylight compliance model.
This study took 50 hours to complete

These are only a few Typical services, but we understand that different projects need different analysis for decision making. Contact us to discuss your specific project, so we can generate the most cost effective analysis for you.